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Fears and Phobias


After 23 years of being terrified of bridges, heights, and flying, I am finally free! After one session with you, I can calmly drive over bridges anytime! I was finally able to fly back home to Texas to visit my old friends and my family! Thank you so much! It is great to feel this freedom from fear!

- Javier


Feedback from a hypnotherapy client, who is a 24 year old Navy Vet who saw combat in Iraq. He was experiencing severe anxiety, psychosomatic illness, fear of death, social anxiety, and physical symptoms. "After just one session, I was able to completely let go of the anxiety. I felt it come up, and I just took a breath and remembered what you said (while in hypnosis) and the feeling just melted away. After that, it didn't bother me again. I knew that I was in control of it (the anxiety/fear). It does not control me anymore."
I am so happy and honored to help this young man who served our country and, yet, was suffering with PTSD and unresolved fears. Hypnosis= Powerful stuff!

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