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Health and Well Being


You are so awesome! Thank you for the terrific session. You know what? I got excited about eating right and working out today!

- Virginia


Thanks again for the session. I’m totally excited about altered states of consciousness, and now have a real experience of it, and different results in my ‘waking’ state!

Love, Beth

To whom it may concern:

I would like to share my experience with Aimee. After many years of studying spiritual law, as well as therapy, I felt as if I had been led to share an experience with Aimee. During our first session, I was a bit skeptical of what could possibly happen during a hypnosis sitting. Fortunately I was able to find out.

The safety and comfort I felt with Aimee was a nice feeling to have. I have had a significant change in my thought and being. I left with a souvenir of our time together, that I get to cherish and carry with me daily. A new me, a sensible, knowing, and more centered individual. I loved learning a new way of being who I am.

Thank you, with much regards and peace,

- Joseph

I am most impressed with Aimee's "presence" during a session. She is fully present with what is going on and seems to go into "sync" with me as I experience what I'm there to experience. That is what is most memorable and significant to me.

- Thomas Mangum

I’ve enjoyed many years of diving into the layers of my subconscious. Doing hypnotherapy with Aimee was one of the safest, deepest dives ever. She is gifted at guiding people through the intricate maze and back to the light of self-understanding, self-love and inner peace.

- Elle

Aimee is both thorough and very intuitive when she’s interviewing to find out what methods will best help her clients. I really enjoyed working with her!

- Vallerie
Vista CA

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