Birth Related 

"I had some amazing things happen today. Thank you, Aimee Fuller for being the amazing, talented and generous woman you are, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet you today and experience your transformative hypnotherapy and expertise. I believe the things I want with the birth of my baby are now truly possible. I couldn't thank you enough."

- T. L (Session focused on releasing birth trauma from previous birth to allow current baby to turn from breech position and prepare for birth, to avoid C-section)


Life and Health Issues

Because of my own personal development quest and my need for resolution to some life-effecting issues, I turned to Aimee for help; she is someone I absolutely trust. But hypnotherapy? YIKES! I dreaded vulnerability and loss of control; I even feared the outcome! And yes, I was somewhat skeptical of what benefits I could actually gain from our sessions.

Aimee quickly dispelled the myths surrounding hypnotherapy; I was able to leave my fear at the door, put myself in her capable hands, and experienced benefits in my very first session! An adept listener and skilled facilitator, Aimee is as effective and discreet as she is cheerful and optimistic. While most of my sessions ended with astonishing clarity and energy, her special relaxation session left me happily wilted and serene. I anticipate continued benefits from Aimee’s guided tour through my subconscious mind!

- S.L.
San Diego


Fears and Phobias


After 23 years of being terrified of bridges, heights, and flying, I am finally free! After one session with you, I can calmly drive over bridges anytime! I was finally able to fly back home to Texas to visit my old friends and my family! Thank you so much! It is great to feel this freedom from fear!

- Javier


Feedback from a hypnotherapy client, who is a 24 year old Navy Vet who saw combat in Iraq. He was experiencing severe anxiety, psychosomatic illness, fear of death, social anxiety, and physical symptoms. "After just one session, I was able to completely let go of the anxiety. I felt it come up, and I just took a breath and remembered what you said (while in hypnosis) and the feeling just melted away. After that, it didn't bother me again. I knew that I was in control of it (the anxiety/fear). It does not control me anymore."
I am so happy and honored to help this young man who served our country and, yet, was suffering with PTSD and unresolved fears. Hypnosis= Powerful stuff!

Health and Well Being


You are so awesome! Thank you for the terrific session. You know what? I got excited about eating right and working out today!

- Virginia


Thanks again for the session. I’m totally excited about altered states of consciousness, and now have a real experience of it, and different results in my ‘waking’ state!

Love, Beth

To whom it may concern:

I would like to share my experience with Aimee. After many years of studying spiritual law, as well as therapy, I felt as if I had been led to share an experience with Aimee. During our first session, I was a bit skeptical of what could possibly happen during a hypnosis sitting. Fortunately I was able to find out.

The safety and comfort I felt with Aimee was a nice feeling to have. I have had a significant change in my thought and being. I left with a souvenir of our time together, that I get to cherish and carry with me daily. A new me, a sensible, knowing, and more centered individual. I loved learning a new way of being who I am.

Thank you, with much regards and peace,

- Joseph

I am most impressed with Aimee's "presence" during a session. She is fully present with what is going on and seems to go into "sync" with me as I experience what I'm there to experience. That is what is most memorable and significant to me.

- Thomas Mangum

I’ve enjoyed many years of diving into the layers of my subconscious. Doing hypnotherapy with Aimee was one of the safest, deepest dives ever. She is gifted at guiding people through the intricate maze and back to the light of self-understanding, self-love and inner peace.

- Elle

Aimee is both thorough and very intuitive when she’s interviewing to find out what methods will best help her clients. I really enjoyed working with her!

- Vallerie
Vista CA


Sports Enhancement

Dear Aimee,

I wanted to write and thank you for the hypno-therapy session I had with you before my last race. It really helped me relax and focus the day before my race. I think you are a natural healer.

I enjoyed your hypno therapy sessions because it really helped me stay mentally focused during a race. You make it easy for people to relax and be open to the experience. The words and method that you used for hypno-therapy seemed to work better than other practitioners that I’ve experienced.

The conversations that we have had have guided me to writing down my affirmations and teaching myself had to stay calm and relaxed while I’m racing. I’m hoping these tools will come in handy at Olympic Trials where I need to be calm, focused and relaxed. I have always felt that racewalking a 20K is 10% mental and 90% physical, but that 10% mental controls everything.

I think the hypno-therapy will work in other areas of my life and particularly in the birth of my next child. I believe it will make natural childbirth even easier.

Best of Luck,